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Notes for Switches

Attention to Switches



Please note that terminals might suffer deformation

of the switch and the defects in electrical 

performance,if the load is apply to the terminals

during soldering.



If you use a through-hole PC board or a PC board

thinner or thicker than the recommendation, here

maybe greater heat stress. Verify the soldering

conditions before use.



When soldering twice, wait until the first soldered

portion cools to normal temperature. Continuous

hating will deform the external portions, loosen or

dislodge terminals, or may deteriorate their

electrical characteristics.  



Verify soldering conditions under actual mass

production conditions.



This product is designed and manufactured

assuming that it is to be used with the resistance

for direct current. If you use other kinds of

resistance ( inductive L or capacitive C), consult

with us (info@nextgencomponent.com) before




For the sizes of holes and patterns on a PC

board for mounting a switch, refer to the

recommended dimensions  in the outline drawings.  



This switch is designed for manually operated

units. Do not use this switch in a mechanical

detector unit. For detection purposes, please

use our detector switch. 



The switch will be break if you apply a

greater stress than that specified. Take great

care not to let the switch be subject to greater

stress than specified.



Do not press the side of the stem.



Be sure to push the center position of a flat stem

switch. Extreme care is required for a  hinge structure

type because the stem press position moves when

it is pressed. 



If you put the board with the switch in the oven

so as to harden adhesive for other parts, consult

with us.



When corrosive gas is generated by a peripheral

material of a product using the Tactile switch,

malfunctions such as imperfect contacts can occur.

Check this point thoroughly in advance.



The contact resistance of a rubber contact type

changes depending on pressure load. Confirm that

it functions sufficiently when you use this tactile

switch with a voltage divider  circuit. 



Be aware of dust intrusion into an unsealed-type

tactile switch.



Storage method


If you do not use the product immediately, store

it just as delivered in the following environment with

neither directs sunshine nor corrosive gas and in

normal temperatures.  


However, it is recommended that you should use it

as soon as possible or within six months  from the

date of delivery at the most.



After you break the seal, you should put the

remainder in a plastic bag to shut out outside air,

and store it in the same environment mentioned

above. You should use it up as soon as possible. 



Do not stack too many switches for safety.



Store the key switches with the switch in the

released position. 


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